All About Change

The relationships we have with other humans are surely some of the most important things in our lives. Before birth we are literally attached to our mother, receiving everything we need to sustain life until birth. Among other things such as food, water and shelter, after we are born, our relationship to our primary caretaker is the foundation for all other relationships that we will have for the rest of our lives. When there are disruptions to our relationship with our caretaker or others who are central to our lives, our relational patterns can become distorted and current relationships can often become strained.

            These relational or attachment disruptions are usually very painful and can lead to lifelong struggles if not properly restored or processed. Even when infants are separated from their mothers at birth they can sense that something devastating has occurred on a visceral level. When children have conscious memories the pain of separation, most often from their mother, is even more devastating.  Adolescents who experience loss or abandonment also have difficulties but begin to be labeled as “behavior problems” rather than someone who has experienced a loss.  As wounded adults, we begin down a path of failed marriages or partnerships, difficult friendships and even struggle to attach in a healthy way to our own children when that time comes.

            Attachment repair is central to what we do at All About Change.  We use empirically based interventions to right the course for better relationships, healthy boundaries and most importantly inner peace by considering and processing our first attachments, looking at them all the way around, 360 degrees to process what happened often years earlier.  The process can often be a difficult one, but the caring professionals at All About Change walk with you every step of this important journey. You deserve to be happy, healthy and whole again. Call us at The Nurturing Tree today to talk about the possibility of beginning your journey of change…………