All About Change

Coco the Therapy Dog

Hello! Or should I say ruff, ruff!!! My name is Coco. Sometimes my friends call me Puff or Puffles. I am a Standard Poodle. I am a very lucky dog because I have a huge family who loves me. My family lives at All About Change in Greenville South Carolina. My family includes a LOT of kids and even adults who I get to see each week.

I have a really important job in my family. I am in charge of helping my kids and adults feel better. Sometimes, they have a bad day because someone hasn’t been very nice to them. Sometimes an adult has really hurt them.  A lot of the kids talk to me about it because I am a very good listener and I never interrupt, except to lick their faces.  They love that and it makes them laugh. Mostly, my family just likes having me around. They say it makes them happy. They say it makes their troubles easier to talk about.  They know that I am their dog and even though I don’t go home with them when they leave All About Change I love them very much, no matter what they do.

Some people who come to All About Change spend a lot more time with me than others, and I have told my assistant Kelly about them. She’s written about some of these kids on my website and you should read their stories. Even though some of them don’t live nearby anymore and don’t come to visit as often or at all, I still love them!  When they do come to visit me it makes me so happy! If you want to learn more about what I do to help all the people that come to All About Change call my assistant today!